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Vending machines entered China as early as 1996. They have been tepid, but since the first two years, there have been signs of recovery. In particular, the vending machine for freshly squeezed orange juice has been on the market for a while.
With the widespread use of WeChat and Alipay, terminal consumers can only buy a glass of freshly squeezed pure orange juice through mobile phone scanning code, which fully meets the demands of consumers seeking health, speed, fashion, and convenience. Market prospects excellent. This market is not saturated yet, mainly depends on how you operate.
This market is not saturated yet, mainly depends on how you operate
1, placement determines sales
For vending machines, it is the placement of the machine that determines the power of death and death. Before entering this bank, we must first choose a good location. Choosing a good place does not mean simply looking good. It means going through field trips and negotiating on everything from rent to rent.
The criterion for this good position is that the flow of people is large, the number of young people is higher, and the consumption index is higher.
The self-service juicer, which occupies an area of ​​only 1 square meter, can be placed in many locations. It is generally selected in shopping malls, hospitals, cinemas, scenic spots, gymnasiums, airports, high-speed rail stations, train stations, etc., while subway stations, schools, and office buildings are not Suggested delivery.
Of course, these places are not so easy to put into place. If there are no connections and connections, it is very difficult for general attractions, airports, and high-speed rail stations to put in machines. Once these places are put in, they can prepare a large number of banknotes.
One of the author's friends, relying on relationships at a certain airport to put a few, easily into the millions of years, because a cup can be sold for 20 yuan, do not have to worry about the source, the employer of a unified operation and maintenance management on the line.
The rent for each venue is not the same. There are two ways of renting, one is how much money is fixed each month, and the other is based on your sales. The rents in the first-tier cities are about 3,000 yuan per month, and about two- and three-tier cities are about 1,000 yuan per month.
2, choose the brand business, it is equal to half the success!
Currently, there are two types of cooperation in the market for freshly squeezed orange juice vending machines: purchase and lease.
2.1 If you buy, the price of a vending machine ranges from 2 to 70,000. The more you purchase, the more favorable it is. The ownership, right to use, right to control, and price management are given to you. Brand owners are only responsible for after sales. service.
2.2 Leases are calculated on the basis of rent + deposit. The deposit is generally more than 20,000. The rent starts from 2 years. The rent is determined according to the different products and lease periods offered by different franchisees. But brand owners will have to obey your price control, profit sharing, and follow-on conditions, because equipment ownership is not yours. The deposit and the proceeds are all controlled by them. You are equal to working for him. The only advantage is that the risks are small, but you can't make much money.
If you have a site resource or a relationship, plan to invest large amounts of money in this industry for a long period of time. It is advisable to buy your own machine; if you just want to try a small amount of investment, you can rent the machine first, and do not rent too much. Yes, you can purchase your own machine for more insurance.
In addition to models and machines, we also need to consider issues such as late-stage profitability, added value, and long-term benefits of the machines. For example, some machines can be used for advertising, some machines can be used with Alipay, WeChat cooperates with reward mechanisms, and machines can handle membership cards. .
The model of each brand is different, so we must learn more about how to make comparisons and make choices. The fresh orange juice machine has a high technological content, and the machine stability needs to be validated by the multi-party operations of the market. Therefore, it is very important to choose a long-term brand. It is necessary to select the right brand vendor and choose a good quality machine manufacturer, which is half the success.
3, choose good quality oranges, attract new customers, retain old customers
I believe we all have a doubt. Why is there only freshly squeezed orange juice vending machines in the market, and there are no apple, watermelon, pear vending machines?
Because the shelf life of apples, watermelons, and pears is short, the fruit drops easily cause crushing damage and the taste is easily deteriorated. While the orange juice can taste for 2-3 days without change, the most important thing is that the acceptance of orange juice is the largest in the market.
Newly placed machines on the market generally have fresh oranges. In the later period, oranges may be used to lower the cost. The main reason is that operators want to make high quality products. Market feedback. The market's uploading of rotten oranges in the machine is a bit exaggerated, but this involves the operator's ability to do a good job of clean-up operations.
Businesses can use the mobile phone APP to monitor the sale of oranges on the machine in real time. Once oranges and cups and lids are exhausted, there will be reminders that materials can be added in time. Once the situation of unsalable sales occurs, the merchants will do certain promotional activities or carry out machine operations. The replacement of the location saves time and effort.
At present, the price of each orange juice in the market is between 10-20 yuan, and the specific pricing is based on local consumption conditions and costs.

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